79% of Digital Advertisers are Also Using SEO in Their Marketing Strategies

79% of Digital Advertisers are Also Using SEO in Their Marketing Strategies
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New information reveals that 79% of digital advertisers are additionally utilizing SEO as half of their advertising and marketing technique in 2019.

That’s one of many statistics included in WordStream’s report on the internet advertising panorama in 2019.

It’s vital to focus on that individual level because it goes to point out how beneficial SEO is even to those that prioritize paid advertising and marketing channels.

When requested what different advertising and marketing channels are getting used to develop their enterprise in 2019, aside from digital promoting, SEO was the best choice amongst respondents.

Content advertising and marketing, electronic mail advertising and marketing, and phrase of mouth advertising and marketing had been additionally among the many channels most utilized by digital advertisers.

Here is an entire record of responses.

Outside of digital promoting, what different advertising and marketing channels are you utilizing to develop what you are promoting in 2019?

  • SEO – 79%
  • Email advertising and marketing – 66%
  • Content advertising and marketing – 60%
  • Word of mouth advertising and marketing – 47%
  • Direct mail – 32%
  • Event advertising and marketing – 26%
  • Guerrilla advertising and marketing – 9%
  • Affinity advertising and marketing – 6%
  • Telemarketing – four%
  • Other – 1%

Advertisers are inclined to prioritize paid search over natural search as a result of of the potential for instant revenue.

However, it’s clear that advertisers additionally notice the long-term advantages of investing in SEO.

“Like content marketing, SEO can be an extremely valuable long-term strategy when done effectively. Kudos to those surveyed for recognizing the importance of balancing short-term results with a long-term strategy for sustainable growth!”

Other Notable Statistics

Here are another key takeaways from WordStream’s report:

  • 44% of advertisers are spending the identical quantity on Google search advertisements in 2019 as they did in 2018.
  • 46% of advertisers are spending extra on Google search advertisements this 12 months.
  • 1 / 4 of advertisers don’t use any type of show promoting.
  • Nearly a 3rd of advertisers are spending extra on Instagram advertisements this 12 months.
  • Half of advertisers do every thing in-house.
  • The primary problem for every type of advertisers is time limitations.
  • Generating a revenue is by far crucial objective for advertisers.

For extra information associated to internet advertising in 2019, see the complete report right here.

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