Building customer relationships with strategic video marketing: Expert tips from our latest webinar

When Facebook first started introducing video advertisements into its information feed, the novelty alone was sufficient to get many customers to cease and watch. But as of late, video is an unavoidable a part of the web expertise, irrespective of which channels customers use. Unfortunately, the ubiquity of these movies has made them fairly simple to disregard, particularly if prospects deem them irrelevant.

According to a latest examine by HubSpot, 63% of companies have been utilizing video as a advertising and marketing software initially of 2017. By 2019, that quantity had risen to 87%.

Since just about everyone seems to be utilizing video to get their message throughout, there’s a reasonably large probability that message might get misplaced within the clamor for consideration.

Here are some skilled tips from Kurtis Thomas, supervisor of video advertising and marketing for OpenText for creating attention-grabbing video that truly makes an influence.

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Expert tips for strategic video advertising and marketing

The common human can preserve about 150 relationships — and that features manufacturers too

Robin Dunbar is a British anthropologist who research primates. He found that there’s a direct correlation between the scale of a primate’s mind and the variety of animals in its tribe. Animals with larger brains can have larger tribes. Dunbar theorized that the common human can preserve about 150 relationships. So what’s that bought to do with video advertising and marketing?

According to Thomas, the variety of relationships customers can have with manufacturers can also be restricted, so to type a connection with a audience, manufacturers need to show they’re worthy of these restricted relationship slots:

“While our mothers, husbands, and children may have their own associations in our brains, the pickup hockey team we play with every Wednesday is a single group,” Thomas says. “Where this all ties back to marketing is that the same theory about how we group things together and how we interact with the things that matter most to us all comes back to the stories we interact with. If marketers anticipate the relationships customers are actively looking for, we can make better content. Because humans only have time to make meaningful connections with content that matters, especially since we’re flooded with content every day.”

Forget the phrase “viral” and deal with what your goal customers are in search of

If you’re struggling to type significant relationships with your audience, it’s in all probability greatest to throw out the concept of making video that will get tens of millions of views. The thought of making a sharable video sensation that reaches audiences throughout the web has been the gold customary of video advertising and marketing in all probability for the reason that first time “Charlie Bit My Finger” graced our inboxes.

However, making a viral video in all probability isn’t such a fantastic advertising and marketing purpose, since a ton of views doesn’t essentially imply content material is serving its goal in your overarching advertising and marketing technique.

Thomas says that as a substitute of specializing in views alone, entrepreneurs ought to in all probability deal with extra particular functions for video.

“Rather than shooting for the success reserved only for baby sharks and dogs reuniting with family members, it’s important to focus on your organizations real and tangible goals,” Thomas says. “Define what success means early on. Is your video mainly to help close a sale? If so, one million views are not nearly as important as one view from the right person. Having defined goals can inform your content, and can also give marketers and content creators a means of defining your own success. It’s really easy to get caught up in view count but what does that mean? A view count may mean something went viral, but it may not translate to the needs of your business, so taking that step back and trying to halt the word viral in its tracks lets you think more about the strategy for the video you’re creating.”

Consumers, as an illustration, appear to desire movies to be able to study a services or products. In reality, 68% of customers in a survey stated they like video over a text-based article, an e book, a gross sales name, and even an infographic.

How do consumers most prefer to learn about a new product or service.

Make positive your video has pals: Content thrives inside a advertising and marketing ecosystem

And when you’ve selected clear objectives in your video, be certain that it’s a part of a much bigger plan. A video that exists on their own with no “friends” or different advertising and marketing supplies that assist additional the dialog is a lonely video certainly. So lonely it may not be sufficient to construct these precious customer relationships, in keeping with Thomas:

“Too often, marketers create video in order to fill a gap,” Thomas says. “Once it’s live, that’s where its engagement ends. There’s nothing worse than creating content with no friends. Video is a social creature. It survives best in a thriving marketing ecosystem. Ask yourself whether the video is going to be paired with a product launch or an upcoming campaign. Is there a social effort tied to this? Because if so, you should leverage that. Tying video to other marketing efforts is so important. Make sure there’s an organic flow in which video is being released alongside other assets that can direct that back to it.”

To get extra tips on how you can create video that builds relationships, hearken to ClickZ and OpenText Hightail’s webinar, “Video + your content marketing strategy: How to determine if there’s really a fit.”

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