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As content material entrepreneurs, we create experiences that join with our audience. By forming these connections, we improve model notion and choice, decrease limitations, and remove objections.

Ultimately, we would like our content material advertising and marketing to drive constructive enterprise outcomes and model loyalty. Each month, we busily work away at our content material calendar: weblog posts, contributed articles, webinars, infographics, white papers, and extra.

Our content material advertising and marketing technique is seemingly sound. What might or not it’s lacking?


According to Tom Webster, senior vice chairman, technique and advertising and marketing at Edison Research, audio is a strong medium underused by content material entrepreneurs. Tom notes that the trail to brains through the ears (i.e., sound) is quicker than the trail by the eyes (i.e., sight).

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It’s a extra primal path. “When you hear a baby cry or when you hear someone scream, it instantly goes into your brain and you understand that this is something that is grabbing you on multiple levels,” Tom says.

He delivered a presentation at Content Marketing World, Developing a Holistic Audio Content Strategy. In this text, you’ll be able to be taught the important thing takeaways from Tom’s presentation.

Why content material entrepreneurs want an audio content material technique

Podcasting isn’t a holistic audio content material technique. It’s a begin, however a complete technique goes effectively past it. Let’s take into account the information Tom shared to persuade us of the necessity for an audio technique.

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Edison Research and Triton Digital produce an annual report, Infinite Dial, which gives “the latest research in digital audio, social media, mobile, smart speakers, and podcast consumption.”

The 2018 Infinite Dial examine exhibits that two-thirds of the nation listened to some type of digital audio within the earlier month (e.g., Spotify, Pandora, podcasts). Over 22% of the United States (about 73 million folks) listened to a podcast within the earlier month.

Edison Research measures the gadgets folks use to devour audio content material, an idea known as Share of Ear®. Over the previous few years, in keeping with Tom, podcasts have overtaken AM-FM radio for the Share of Ear.

“That’s a significant change in human behavior,” he says. Marketers can reap the benefits of that shift. While it’s laborious to get our content material on terrestrial radio, there’s nothing stopping us from launching a podcast.

Audio is also a handy strategy to devour content material. With a printed ebook, you’re restricted to instances when you’ll be able to sit down and skim it. With audio, you’ll be able to devour the ebook whereas sitting and shifting, whether or not it’s the stroll to lunch or a drive to work.

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Appreciate development in good speaker adoption

An Edison Research-NPR report discovered that just about one in 5 Americans say they personal a sensible speaker. That’s almost tripled yr over yr, which is the quickest rising expertise we have now ever tracked in 20 years. Faster than smartphones, quicker than digital audio, and quicker than podcasting,” Tom says.

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About 43% of respondents stated they bought the good speaker particularly to scale back display screen time. It is smart – utilizing your voice to ask a query or take an motion is simpler than typing or tapping a keyboard.

What does this imply for the longer term?

Audio will develop because the prevailing medium, particularly as audio-enabled expertise is additional embedded in automobiles, family home equipment, and different gadgets used day by day.

Now, let’s take into account necessary components of your audio content material technique.

Discover the sound of your model

“A brand that has a sound and has a holistic strategy for it becomes a friend quicker than a brand that is only experienced by text,” Tom says.

Consistency is crucial. I wager you’ll be able to acknowledge this line from the Motel 6 TV commercials: “We’ll go away the sunshine on for you.

Tom Bodett launched himself by title within the spots he voiced for 30 years. Most probably, Motel 6 or its company developed a inventive temporary that described a personality and sound like Bodett’s. If Bodett was now not out there, the inventive temporary describing the profile – together with the sound – might be resurrected to discover a alternative.

Your model ought to do the identical, Tom advises. “Find that person to represent the sound of your brand. If you need to replace that person, find someone who accurately, competently, and entertainingly reflects your brand in the way that you want it to be represented.”

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Provide contextual providers or advantages

What do prospects do all through their days? What’s an issue they’re scuffling with? Can you assist them in that second? Those are alternatives to make use of audio to win the hearts of shoppers, Tom says.

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He cited the instance of Chompers, produced by Gimlet Media and sponsored by Crest. The podcast describes itself as “a fun-filled twice-daily podcast to keep kids brushing.” Tom performed an excerpt from an episode:

“It’s time for Chompers, your morning and night toothbrushing show. It’s mythical creatures’ week, and tonight we’re sharing even more of the silly and strange creatures that you guys sent us. Start your brushing on the top of your mouth. Pick a side, and make sure you’re brushing the inside, the outside, then the chewing side of each tooth. Three, two, one, brush!”

Chompers may be performed from any podcast participant. There’s additionally an Alexa Skill for Chompers, so dad and mom can say to their Amazon Echo, “Alexa, start Chompers.” Not solely is the content material contextual, however so is the supply mechanism. For this subject, viewers, and surroundings, audio is simpler than textual content or video.

“There’s all kinds of ways to get your message in if you’re contextually relevant. Chompers is absolutely brilliant and it is a way to make people feel good about Crest without being a podcast about Crest,” Tom says.

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Be useful

The Alexa Skill from WebMD is useful. People voice their signs. The Skill asks about extra signs and the inquirer replies. Alexa shares the most definitely situation or sickness based mostly on the signs.

Tom performed audio of the WebMD Alexa Skill interplay based mostly on a symptom of nausea:

“You said nausea. Let’s go over our findings. OK, 10,636 doctors helped me compute these findings. We found five possible explanations. First is vertigo, which is somewhat likely.”

As Tom says, “We’ve probably all had a medical condition or a symptom that we’ve been embarrassed to talk about. We haven’t really wanted to go into a doctor and talk about it. But now you can just tell the Amazon Echo.”

That temporary interplay with WebMD can also accrue model choice and model loyalty with the viewers.

“That was a little piece of a brand voice, in a little, helpful interaction that can happen in an everyday moment. Little things you could possible solve,” says Tom.

Tom notes that constructing Skills for Alexa or Google Home isn’t tough. “It’s one of the easiest bits of programming I’ve ever seen in my life,” he says.

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Be entertaining, be a present

While individuals are listening to extra podcasts, the provision is rising quicker than the flexibility to devour them. To stand out and achieve the eye of your audience, Tom says it is advisable to be entertaining.

“Don’t just be something that gives facts. Don’t just talk about routers. Be entertainment. Be a show,” he says.

Slack’s podcast, Slack Variety Pack, is produced by Pacific Content. Tom considers this podcast the best present that could be a full branded expertise. Here’s an opening to an episode:

“Hi there. Welcome to the Slack Variety Pack. We’re going to hear some stories about people who faced some tough challenges, met them head on, and had the strength to keep going. We’re calling this episode the Resilience Pack. Like this family of daredevils and the way they overcome tragedy.”


Can you hear me now?

See what I did? The above headline is an instance of well-recognized model audio id – the “Test Man” in Verizon Wireless commercials.

If you’ll be able to hear me now, it implies that you’re on board with the “why” for an audio content material technique. As the Edison Research report confirmed, individuals are listening extra to digital audio content material and verbally interacting extra with screenless gadgets.

Think about how one can create the sound of your model and the way you may leverage good audio system to offer worth to your prospects and prospects.

Do you have already got a holistic audio technique? Are you planning to create a method quickly? Share the main points within the feedback.

Here’s an excerpt from Tom’s discuss:


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