Dropping Digital Distractions With Brian Solis

Brian Solis at Social Media Marketing World 2019

Photos. Texts. Emails. Video. Digital is a pivotal a part of our each day lives.

So what if we stopped utilizing it?

Brian Solis, the writer of Lifescale: How to stay a extra inventive, productive and completely happy life, desires us to assume arduous about our digital distractions and drop them from our ordinary habits. As digital entrepreneurs, this notion sounds antithetical to our mission. But Brian guarantees that disconnecting is helpful to entrepreneurs as nicely.

Below, I share Brian’s ideas on digital distraction and enterprise from his session at Social Media Marketing World 2019.

Focus Is Elusive

“My ability to be creative, to dive deep, to focus, to give myself time away from my device, was not only difficult but impossible,” Brian mentioned.

In truth, this lack of ability to tune out the noise and focus prevented Brian from ending his eighth e book.

Now, Brian isn’t suggesting that we cease utilizing expertise. He’s simply suggesting we use it another way. Instead of utilizing it for productiveness, Brian suggests utilizing our units for the aim of creativity.

If we’re capable of put our units down and really ignore the notifications, we will deal with the duties which are vital. It will enhance our output in high quality and amount.

Disconnection Improves Our Health

How we at the moment use digital units isn’t wholesome for us.

Brian identified that an astonishing 41% of individuals have had an accident referring to our smartphones. There’s a brand new well being concern known as “selfie wrist.” Plus, despair and nervousness are on the rise amongst youngsters, the world’s most avid social media customers.

“As with cigarettes in the early days, we didn’t understand that our digital indulgences were made to be addictive, and we didn’t have information about the health effects on our bodies, emotions, and psyches,” Brian mentioned.

He then added: “Living our best life isn’t really living at all.” It’s simply posturing.

These distractions crush our cognitive load, robbing us of inventive moments and pulling us out of focus, and this has an actual enterprise influence and we have to change:

  • The common individual spends 2 hours on our smartphones every day – and it’s not work associated
  • Humans used to shift consideration each three minutes – it’s now 45 seconds

How to Disconnect

Be Aware

Getting over our digital distractions boils down to 1 factor: Awareness. If we’re conscious of our dependency on the digital world, we’re extra empowered to do one thing about it. We could make extra intentional decisions about easy methods to keep away from these distractions and keep targeted.

Measure Your Distractions

Check what number of instances a day you:

  • Reach for a tool
  • Check messages
  • Check your feeds for updates
  • Share an image

Knowing how usually you’re taken away out of your work is an efficient indicator of how a lot creativity you’re shedding. This additionally means that you can make extra noticeable enhancements in your work, life, and psychological well being.

Dedicate Time for Creativity

Write. Draw. Paint. Play guitar. Sing. Creativity is sort of a muscle that must be labored. So identical to you exercise on the fitness center, that you must make time to be inventive.

And it’s not about expertise, it’s nearly expressing your self. It’s about being completely happy, conscious, current, and intentional about the way you spend your time. Block off time to be inventive and block off time to test electronic mail, reply to tweets, and so on. Just be sure to don’t mesh the 2.

Dropping Our Dependencies

To do our greatest work, we must be our greatest selves. And digital distractions take us away from the inventive actions and concepts that make us completely happy. As a end result, digital distractions make it inconceivable for us to deal with the issues that basically matter in life and as an alternative take us out of the moments we’re dwelling.

So, take some recommendation from Brian: “Allow yourself to color outside the lines and do something absolutely silly.”

Hear extra of Brian’s ideas on creativity and digital distraction by studying our full interview with him.

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