Google Answers: Safe to Redirect Affiliate Links?

In a Google Webmaster Hangout, Google’s John Mueller answered if redirecting affiliate hyperlinks was a nasty follow. He answered the query then provided what he felt was a greater method to take care of affiliate hyperlinks.

Affiliate Links and Advertising

Affiliate hyperlinks are principally efficiency based mostly promoting. A writer is paid when a person clicks an affiliate hyperlink and buys a product.


Screenshot of Google's John Mueller answering if it's okay to redirect affiliate linksScreenshot of Google’s John Mueller answering the query of whether or not it’s protected to redirect affiliate hyperlinks.

Should You Redirect Affiliate Links?

There are many the explanation why individuals redirect hyperlinks.

One of the oldest search engine optimization myths is that Google hates affiliate websites and won’t rank a web site if it hosts affiliate hyperlinks. The response was to disguise affiliate hyperlinks by redirecting them by means of a folder that’s blocked to Google. This follow is known as cloaking hyperlinks.

Ranking points isn’t a motive to redirect affiliate hyperlinks.

Another motive to redirect affiliate hyperlinks is that it helps in managing these hyperlinks. That’s an excellent motive to redirect hyperlinks.

Is 302 Redirecting Links a Bad Practice?

There are many causes to redirect an affiliate hyperlink. Here’s the query:

“Is using 302 affiliate links a bad practice? So you basically have /vitamins and it redirects to vitamin shop with your affiliate URL, is that a problem or not?”

This is what John Mueller provided:

“From our standpoint that’s completely positive, there’s nothing that we might think about unhealthy there.

From my standpoint as a result of there’s actually nothing there that gives any extra worth on your web site within the sense that it seems to be higher by having redirects to your affiliate pages or not.

Personally I’d suggest utilizing much less complexity and never organising these sorts of redirects and simply linking to that web site straight. I simply assume you save your self the hassle of attempting to preserve all of this stuff individually.”

Is it Safe to Redirect Affiliate Links?

Contrary to John Mueller’s private opinion there are numerous good causes to redirect an affiliate hyperlink.

There are instances when an affiliate hyperlink is lengthy and stuffed with many parameters. Using a redirect is a technique to clear that up and be sure that it really works.

Redirects are additionally used to observe clicks.

Another motive to use a redirect is to disguise your affiliate hyperlinks from parasites. Affiliate parasites are malware hidden in browsers that may rewrite your affiliate hyperlink in order that it hyperlinks to the affiliate web site with another person’s affiliate code, making a cookie that credit one other web site. This is a method to steal revenue from publishers.

Yes, it’s protected to redirect affiliate hyperlinks. Affiliate advertising legend Rae Dolan wrote an article that lists seven the explanation why to redirect affiliate hyperlinks.

Here are the seven causes to cloak affiliate hyperlinks:

  1. “Running them by means of my redirects means I’ve a click on rely to match up to the one the service provider is reporting.
  2. Affiliate hyperlinks are normally ugly and inconceivable to bear in mind with out doing a duplicate/paste. Redirects permit you to create quick, memorable URLS for them and permit you to entry generally used affiliate hyperlinks from reminiscence.
  3. If you’re in an business the place you market to different associates, it might probably assist forestall of us from switching out your affiliate ID with theirs.
  4. If the service provider decides to change networks or linking strategies, you possibly can edit a single redirect as a substitute of needing to edit each occasion during which you linked to them all through your total web site.
  5. If you determine to change which service provider you’re utilizing to promote a product, you possibly can edit one redirect as a substitute of needing to edit each occasion during which you linked to them all through your total web site.
  6. If a handful of the retailers I point out regularly don’t have affiliate applications, I’ll usually nonetheless cloak the hyperlink to their predominant web site. This method, in the event that they ever do launch an associates program, I can affiliate all my earlier hyperlinks to them by updating the one cloaked hyperlink.
  7. If you’re operating an affiliate datafeed web site, something you are able to do to make your web site extra technically distinctive than the opposite 4000 associates utilizing the identical datafeed is a bonus with reference to affiliate datafeed search engine optimization.”

Google Confirms it’s Okay to Redirect Affiliate Links

Yes, in accordance to Google, it’s protected to redirect affiliate hyperlinks. There are a minimum of seven the explanation why it’s best to think about redirecting affiliate hyperlinks. It could also be helpful to check if redirecting affiliate hyperlinks leads to extra clicks and better earnings. Most importantly, Google is not going to penalize a web site for redirecting their affiliate hyperlinks.

Watch the Webmaster Hangout right here.

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