Google’s John Mueller: Our SEOs Have it Harder Than Others

Google’s John Mueller: Our SEOs Have it Harder Than Others
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Google’s John Mueller knowledgeable an aspiring Google worker that it’s Web optimization allegedly have it “harder than others.”

This was talked about in a Reddit thread began by a person who needs to work at Google in the future in an Web optimization place. The authentic poster of the thread requested for steering in attaining such a task.

Mueller responded to the thread stating that there are, the truth is, SEOs at Google. He goes on to say that SEOs don’t have it straightforward at Google, and should even have it tougher than different SEOs.

“We do have SEOs at Google :). Like any bigger company, it’s not easy to do SEO for our properties, but it is something that some of our products look into and try to do. I suspect our SEOs have it harder than others, but there’s not a lack of things to do.”

Why Do Google’s SEOs Have it Harder Than Others?

Mueller didn’t say precisely why Google’s SEOs have it tougher than others, and it appears like a daring declare to make with out no less than some examples to again it up. It’s seemingly not one thing many would instantly assumed to be true of SEOs who work for the firm that writes search algorithms.

Unless, in fact, Mueller was referring to the hiring strategy of SEOs. In that case, an argument will be made that SEOs trying to get employed by Google have it tougher than folks trying to get employed by different corporations.

Mueller shared a hyperlink to job listings for Web optimization and Web optimization-adjacent positions inside Google, and the necessities are fairly steep. For instance, the most well-liked for a Search Analyst embody a Master’s diploma or PhD in laptop science, engineering, statistics, arithmetic or a associated self-discipline.

On high of that, a Search Analyst for Google should even have a number of years of expertise in Web optimization, venture administration, coding, and knowledge evaluation (amongst different issues). So, in that case, I can see the place Mueller is coming from. The roles and tasks don’t sound like a stroll within the park both.

For what it’s price, Mueller’s touch upon the Reddit thread seems to be deleted, however you may see a screenshot under:

Google’s John Mueller: Our SEOs Have it Harder Than Others

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