Google’s Mueller Answers How to SEO a Podcast Site

Google’s Mueller Answers How to SEO a Podcast Site
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In a Reddit dialogue somebody requested how to optimize an audio based mostly web site that featured podcasts and audiobooks. John Mueller and others within the Reddit neighborhood offered helpful recommendation.

Question Asked About Audio Based Sites

This is the unique query:

“Our website is a PWA and it hosts audiobooks, podcasts, and audio shows how to tell google that treats us from that point of view because it may penalize us fr not having content on-page.”

PWA means Progressive Web App. It’s a web site that behaves like an app.

The individual asking the query famous that that they had meta description, title and thirty to fifty phrases of descriptive content material.

John Mueller on How to SEO Non-Text Websites

John Mueller reaffirmed that every one pages want content material to ensure that Google to perceive what the web page is about and subsequently rank it. John presents good recommendation and it’s printed under. However, the opposite customers on Reddit offered wonderful observe up.

First, right here’s Mueller’s response:

“You at all times want textual content material on-page, no matter what other forms of content material you might need.

If you’re a video-hosting web site, you continue to want issues like titles, headings, textual content, hyperlinks, and so on. The identical goes for audio-hosting websites.  Make it straightforward for serps to perceive your content material & the way it’s related to customers, and so they’ll have the option to ship you related visitors.”

The half about “how it’s relevant to users” is attention-grabbing. Ordinarily many individuals have a tendency to assume when it comes to describing what one thing is about. But a great way to resolve the content material writing downside is to first take into consideration how the content material is utilized by the location customer and what they’re attempting to accomplish.

Mueller added:

“If you make it hard for search engines to figure out what your pages are about, it would be normal for them to struggle to figure out how your site is relevant for users.”

Mueller repeated his encouragement to describe how the content material is related to customers. It’s a good strategy when it comes to mapping out a content material technique.

Affiliate SEO Content Ranking Formula

It’s a content material technique that I’ve used for effectively over fifteen years for affiliate websites and I believe many others use variations of it as effectively.

This is the essence of the content material technique: The content material describes the product and what it will possibly assist the person accomplish. That’s it, that’s the components.

Reddit Members Advice on SEO for Audio Sites

The Reddit members supplied a number of various SEO ideas for podcasting websites, corresponding to transcribing the content material and structured knowledge.

Transcribe the Content

One member instructed transcribing the content material in order that Google might index what was mentioned in textual type. That could also be helpful for sure sorts of content material, notably tutorial content material.

But I feel one should contemplate that what was spoken may not at all times rank for what you need it to rank.

For instance, some podcasts are folks relating their private historical past whereas some podcasts are about crime mysteries. Will transcribing the true crime podcast assist that podcast rank for the phrase, True Crime Podcast?

It’s potential the web page would possibly find yourself rating for random phrases. After all, the podcast itself is a story and never a description of what it’s.

Structured Data for Podcasts and Audiobooks

Another helpful suggestion was structured knowledge. That’s a great way to talk knowledge. This is nice recommendation.

As with any implementation of structured knowledge, ensure that no matter data you set into your structured knowledge that the identical data is out there on the internet web page itself.

Structured Data for Podcasts

The data for podcast structured knowledge might be discovered at It’s value studying all the small print you may present. For instance, you may add Review structured knowledge if the podcast is a overview of a model, product, or place.

Additionally, Google requires an RSS feed so as to use it for Google Podcasts, Google Play Music, Google Search and extra.  Full data right here.

There can also be extra details about Google Actions for Google Assistant right here and at Google’s podcast developer web page.

Structured Data for Audiobooks

Google treats audiobooks a little in another way in that there are Book Actions. For Book Actions they seem to give choice to retailers who publish a massive choice.

From Google’s web page on structured knowledge for books:

“To ensure robust coverage and better serve our users, this feature is currently limited to book providers that have broad book availability.”

There is a hyperlink on that web page the place you may register to be eligible to present e-book actions.

However, the web page has a part for wealthy outcomes. It’s unclear if one has to register to have these wealthy outcomes present up although. Rich outcomes is completely different from Google Actions, proper?

“You must include the required properties for your content to be eligible for display as a rich result. You can also include the recommended properties to add more information about your content, which could provide a better user experience.”

There are a variety of required properties and really useful properties. The really useful properties are advantageous to not embody in the event that they’re not acceptable to your scenario. View the complete record on Google’s e-book structured knowledge web page. Find examples of audiobook structured knowledge on the official web page for structured knowledge right here.

The reply to how to SEO an audiobook or a podcast accommodates many solutions relying in your situation. Mueller’s recommendation to create content material that describes how and why the podcast or audiobook is related to the person is a nice begin. After that there are extra options relying on audio that’s being promoted.

Read the Reddit dialogue right here.

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