Google’s URL Parameter Tool Does Not Remove URLs From Search Results

Google’s URL Parameter Tool Does Not Remove URLs From Search Results
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Google’s John Mueller cleared up a false impression concerning the URL parameter software in Search Console, saying it doesn’t really take away URLs.

This matter got here up in a latest Google Webmaster Central hangout on YouTube when a query was requested about whether or not the URL parameter software nonetheless works.

Google has not but ported the URL parameter software from the basic model of Search Console to the brand new model.

Despite not being out there within the new Search Console, the URL parameter software continues to be efficient. You simply should revert forwards and backwards from the previous Search Console with a view to use it.

However, a follow-up query would point out the webmaster had the improper expectations relating to what the software is supposed to do.

URL Parameter Tool Does Not Remove URLs

In their query to Mueller, the positioning proprietor talked about they added a parameter to be dropped however the change was not instantly seen in search outcomes.

That’s not what the software is meant to do, Mueller says, it’s designed to refine the crawling of URLs.

You can use the software so as to add a parameter you now not need to be crawled, and over time these URLs would finally drop out of search outcomes as a result of Google stopped crawling them.

It’s not a case the place you add a parameter to the software and impulsively a bunch of URLs with that parameter are faraway from Google’s index.

So the URL parameter software nonetheless works, so long as it’s getting used as supposed.

Hear the complete query and reply beneath, beginning on the 46:44 mark.

“The URL parameter dealing with software wouldn’t take away URLs from the search outcomes. It’s actually solely to refine the crawling of URLs.

So it’s not one thing the place we’d say you add this parameter to that software after which abruptly all these pages disappear from search outcomes.

It’s extra that, over time, we’d crawl these URLs much less and over time they’d drop out from the search outcomes but it surely wouldn’t be any rapid change there.”

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