How to Build Grit with Meditation: 3 Simple Techniques

Listening to Angela Lee Duckworth’s fantastic TED speak on “Grit: The power of passion and perseverance”, I used to be reminded of my very own workshops on enhancing creativity and willpower.

Ms. Duckworth talks about how the most effective predictor of success in any state of affairs is “grit”, a trait that’s more and more advocated as “growth mindset” in high tech corporations.

I’ve found that the easiest way to domesticate and maintain a progress mindset over the long run lies in each day acts of creativity and resilience.

Creativity enhances our love for studying new issues, whereas resilience boosts private energy and the need to stick with it by means of challenges.

Awakening the Creativity Center

The Creativity Center is discovered three inches beneath our diaphragm. We maintain our passions right here, our goals, fantasies, and latent ambitions.

It governs our sense of self-worth, in addition to our potential to be open and pleasant towards others and take a look at new issues.

When the Creativity Center is in steadiness, we exhibit tolerance, constructive outlook, and refined conduct.

We use inventive vitality once we prepare dinner, bake, or paint. We awaken inventive vitality once we go to an artwork museum or learn an inspiring biography.

We use inventive vitality each time we attempt one thing new – even once we take a distinct route on our means again residence.

We are all born as inventive beings. As youngsters, all of us shade, paint, or make fantastic shapes.

We used to break into tune or dance at will.

But someway alongside the best way, a few of us rework into much less inventive beings due to societal or financial pressures. We change into inflexible that we discover it arduous to study or invent one thing new.

The excellent news is that we will prepare our thoughts with easy strategies to change into extra open and receptive to change.

Meditative Technique 1: Alternate Nostril Breathing 

“Just as the activities of the mind influence the breath, so does the breath influence our state of mind.” ~T.Okay.V. Desikachar

Nadi Shodhana” refers to an alternate nostril respiration method. Whenever I discover myself shedding focus, worrying a couple of new venture, or studying a brand new space, I follow this method to broaden my mind-set.

To follow this method, I comply with these three steps:

  1. I shut my proper nostril with the primary two fingers of my proper hand.
  2. I inhale and exhale by means of the left nostril, for eight to 10 breaths.
  3. Then, closing my left nostril with the primary two fingers within the left hand, I inhale and exhale.

Usually, I repeat this 2-Four occasions with symmetry on each side.

Practiced weekly or each day, “Nadi Shodhana” typically begins a flywheel of creativity and opens the thoughts to new potentialities.

Meditative Technique 2: The Moon-Energy Meditation  

The moon is a robust image that reminds us of fixed change. I discover this symbolism particularly highly effective once I want to let go of previous failure and embrace transition.

This meditation is only when practiced each night time from the beginning of a lunar cycle.

  1. I discover a comfy seat close to a window, with a view of the moon. I sit tall with a straight backbone and gaze on the moon.
  2. Closing my eyes, I think about myself at a crossroads. I visualize the crossroads as a coming collectively of hopes and goals, trusting that I’ll select the best path.
  3. Gently closing the eyes and deepening the breath, I’m going inwards. I think about the unconscious mix inventive vitality with a way of goal and private energy. I typically visualize this as a spinning, orange-colored circle of sunshine touring from the bottom of the backbone, to the realm behind the navel, to the diaphragm.
  4. Continuing to breathe deeply for a couple of extra minutes, I meditate on the next phrases earlier than transitioning again to my environment.

“I trust myself to follow my dreams. I can adapt with grace to any situation. I release ideas that are no longer useful.”

This is a superb meditation that jogs my memory of the fixed stream of time by means of the universe. I even combine issues up by taking part in soothing background music, mendacity down vs. sitting, or sitting close to a water fountain.

I additionally weave in yoga poses like Triangle, Dancer, or Gate once I want to strengthen the results.

It’s necessary to remember the fact that adaptability will not be all the time the answer.

Sometimes, I discover that I want to faucet into my private energy to channel my energies away from an current state of affairs to a brand new setting that fulfills my true potential. For that I exploit the Breath of Fire meditation beneath.

Finding Your Personal Power

The vitality middle for private energy is situated close to the photo voltaic plexus. It governs vanity and willpower, and allows transformation.

When the Power Center is in steadiness, we really feel self-confident, have a powerful sense of goal, and are self-motivated.

When imbalanced, we undergo from low vanity, have issue making choices, and will have anger or management points. These behavioral traits can hold us from specializing in the long-term or attaining our full potential.

Boat and Warrior poses are nice for reinforcing private energy. I additionally use the Breath of Fire meditation on the finish of a troublesome workday to recharge and transition to household time, or in the beginning of a busy day to refocus.

Meditative Technique 3: The Breath of Fire 

Before getting began with this meditation, I often want to strengthen my core.

When returning to this meditation after some time, it typically takes me a couple of weeks to construct up to the total follow (Four-5 min meditation with a number of forceful breaths per second).

I begin by lighting a candle of my alternative. Basking within the heat of the candle, I sit up tall, lengthening the area between my tailbone and my coronary heart:

  1. Breathing in by means of the nostril, I broaden my lung cavity and picture the belly cavity filling with air.
  2. On exhale, I forcefully draw the belly muscular tissues towards my backbone and push the air out by means of my lungs and nostril. The exhales are loud and fast, and sound like waves in a stormy sea.
  3. Starting with an interval of 30 seconds between every breath, I slowly decide up the tempo to repeat about 10 occasions. I attempt to equalize the length of inhale and exhale.

After the meditation, I typically pause and stay seated and consider a present expertise that isn’t going properly. Thinking of my intentions for the state of affairs and visions of the long run, I meditate on the next phrases:

“I claim my power and accept responsibility for every part of my life. My enthusiasm empowers me to achieve my goals. My personal power equips me to overcome all challenges and excel.”

Alternatively, I merely repeat the sound “ram” which prompts the Power Center.

The Breath Of Fire is an historical Vedic method with immense advantages. It is steadily utilized in modern-day yoga as a cleaning ritual, to kick begin a sense of empowerment and transformation.


When I discover myself in a brand new function or a venture that stretches out of my consolation zone, I weave in these strategies within the morning or at night time.

More importantly, I make it a behavior to indulge myself in each day acts of enjoyable and creativity.

In immersing myself in what I like, I rediscover my passions again and again, and focus my private energy on what issues most within the long-term.

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