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For entrepreneurs, Reddit is greater than a software to whereas away your lunch break. It’s an enormous, thriving discussion board with subreddits dedicated to virtually any subject you’ll be able to think about — and thrilling new content material concepts lurk inside threads, simply ready to be found. In this version of Whiteboard Friday, Daniel Russell takes you thru 5 easy steps to mine Reddit for content material concepts bolstered by your audience’s curiosity.

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Howdy, Moz followers. Welcome to a different version of Whiteboard Friday. My identify is Daniel Russell. I am from an company referred to as Go Fish Digital. Today we’ll be speaking about mining Reddit for content material concepts.

Reddit, you have in all probability heard of it, however in case you have not, it is one of many largest web sites on the web. It will get billions of views and clicks per yr. People go there as a result of it’s a nice supply of content material. It’s actually entertaining. But it additionally signifies that it is a fantastic supply of content material for us as entrepreneurs. So at this time what we’ll be speaking about is 2 predominant teams right here.

We’re going to first be speaking in regards to the options of Reddit, the various things that you should utilize on Reddit to search out good content material concepts. Then we’ll be speaking about 5 steps which you could take and apply at this time to begin discovering concepts for your organization, for your purchasers and begin getting that profitable content material. 

Features of Reddit

So first, Reddit as a breakdown right here.


First, an enormous function of Reddit is named subreddits. They’re primarily smaller boards inside Reddit, a smaller discussion board inside a discussion board devoted to a selected subject. So there is perhaps a discussion board devoted to films and discussing films. There’s a discussion board devoted to meals and speaking about several types of meals, posting photos of meals, posting recipes.

There is a discussion board for nearly every part below the solar. If you’ll be able to consider it, it is in all probability obtained a discussion board on Reddit. This is de facto worthwhile to us as entrepreneurs as a result of it signifies that individuals are taking their pursuits after which placing it on the market for us to see. So if we try to do work for a sports activities firm or if we’re making an attempt to do work for our firm that is dentistry or one thing like that, there’s a subreddit devoted to that subject, and we are able to go and discover folks which can be in that, which can be in all probability inside our goal markets.

Upvoting and downvoting

There’s upvoting and downvoting. Essentially what that is, is folks submit a chunk of content material to Reddit, after which different customers resolve in the event that they prefer it or not. They upvote it or they downvote it. The stuff that’s upvoted is often the good things. People which can be paying actually shut consideration to Reddit are all the time upvoting and downvoting issues. Then the issues that get probably the most upvotes begin rising to the highest in order that different folks can see it.

It’s tremendous worthwhile to us once more as a result of this helps confirm concepts for us. This helps us see what’s working and what’s not. Before we even put pen to paper, earlier than we even begin designing every part, we are able to see what has been probably the most upvoted. The most upvoted stuff results in the following huge function, which is rankings. The stuff that will get voted probably the most finally ends up rating on the highest of Reddit and turns into extra seen.

It turns into simpler for us to search out as entrepreneurs, and fortunately we are able to check out these rankings and see if any of that matches the content material we’re making an attempt to create. 


There’s the feedback part. Essentially what that is, is for each submit there is a part devoted to that submit for feedback, the place folks can touch upon the submit. They can touch upon feedback. It’s virtually like a spotlight group.

It’s like a spotlight group with out really being there in particular person. You can see what folks like, what folks do not like in regards to the content material, how they felt about it. Maybe they even have some content material concepts of their very own that they are sharing in there. It’s an extremely worthwhile place to be. We can take these totally different options and begin digging in to search out content material concepts utilizing these down right here.

Reddit search & filters

Search bar

The search bar is a Reddit function that works pretty effectively. It will in all probability yield mediocre outcomes more often than not. But you’ll be able to drill down a bit additional with that search bar utilizing search parameters. These parameters are issues like looking by creator, looking by web site.

Search parameters

There are plenty of totally different searches that you should utilize. There’s a full listing of them on Reddit. But this primarily lets you take that mediocre search bar and make it a bit bit extra highly effective. If you need to look for sports activities content material, you’ll be able to look particularly at content material posted from and see what has been probably the most upvoted there. 

Restrict outcomes to subreddit

You can prohibit your outcomes to a selected subreddit. So should you’re making an attempt to look for content material round rooster dishes, you are doing work for a restaurant and also you’re looking for what’s been probably the most upvoted content material round rooster, you don’t need folks calling one another chickens. So what you are able to do is prohibit your search to a subreddit so that you simply really get rooster the meals reasonably than posts speaking about that man is a rooster.

Filter outcomes

You can filter outcomes. This primarily means which you could take all the outcomes that you simply get out of your search after which you’ll be able to recategorize it based mostly off of what number of upvotes it is gotten, how lately it was posted, what number of feedback it has. 

Filter subreddits

Then it’s also possible to filter subreddits themselves. So you’ll be able to take subreddits, all of the content material that is been posted there, and you’ll have a look at what’s been probably the most upvoted content material for that subreddit.

What has been probably the most controversial content material from that subreddit? What’s been probably the most upvoted? What’s been probably the most downvoted? These options make it a very person-pleasant place in phrases of discovering actually entertaining stuff. That’s why Reddit is commonly like a black gap of productiveness. You can get misplaced down it and keep there for hours.

That works in our profit as entrepreneurs. That signifies that we are able to undergo, take these totally different options, apply them to our personal advertising wants, and discover these actually good content material concepts. 

5 steps to discovering content material concepts on Reddit

So for some examples right here. There’s a set of key steps that you should utilize. I will use some actual-world examples, so some true-blue issues that we have performed for purchasers with the intention to see how this really works in actual life.

1. Do a common search for your subject

The first step is to do a common search for your subject. So actual-world instance, we’ve got a shopper that’s in the transportation area. They work with shuttles, with limos, and with taxis. We wished to create some content material round limos. So the way in which we began in these key steps is we did a common search for limos.

Our search yielded some fascinating issues. We noticed that lots of people had been posting photos of stretch limos, of simply wild limo interiors. But then we additionally noticed lots of people speaking about presidential limos, the limos that the president rides in which have the bulletproof glass and every part. So we began noticing that, hey, there’s some good content material right here about limos. It type of helped body our brainstorming and our content material mining. 

2. Find a subreddit that matches

The subsequent step is to discover a subreddit that matches that specific subject. Now there’s a subreddit devoted to limos. It’s not probably the most energetic. There wasn’t a ton of content material there. So what we ended up doing was extra broad subreddits. We checked out just like the vehicles subreddit.

There was a subreddit devoted to guides and to breakdowns of various machines. So there have been plenty of breakdowns, like cutaways of the presidential limos. So once more, that was developing. What we noticed in the final search was developing in our subreddit particular search. We had been seeing presidential limos once more.

three. Look at subreddit content material from the previous month

Step three, have a look at that sub’s explicit content material from the previous month. The subreddit, for instance, that we had been was one devoted to cars, as I had talked about earlier. We regarded on the high content material from that previous month, and we noticed there was this actually cool GIF that primarily took the Chevy brand again from just like the ’30s and slowly morphed it through the years into the Chevy brand that we noticed at this time.

We thought that was fairly cool. We began questioning if possibly we may apply that very same type of concept to our presidential limo discovering that we had been seeing earlier. 

four. Identify traits, patterns, and sticky concepts

Number four was to establish traits, patterns, and sticky concepts. Sticky concepts, it simply means should you come throughout one thing and it simply type of sticks in your head, prefer it simply type of stays there, seemingly that can occur for your viewers as effectively.

So should you come throughout something that you simply discover actually fascinating, that retains sticking in your head or retains popping up on Reddit, it retains getting a number of upvotes, establish that concept as a result of it will be worthwhile. So for us, we began figuring out concepts like morphing GIFs, the Chevy brand morphing over time. We began figuring out concepts like presidential limos. People actually like speaking about it.

5. Polish, enhance, and up-stage the concepts you have discovered

That led us to make use of Step Number 5, which is to take these concepts that we had been discovering, polish them, enhance them, one up it, take it to the following stage, after which create some content material round that and market it. So what we did was we took these two concepts, we took presidential limos and the entire morphing GIF concept over time, and we mixed them.

We discovered pictures of the entire presidential limos since just like the ’50s. Then we took every of these presidential limos and we created a morphing GIF out of them, so that you simply began with the previous presidential limos, which actually weren’t actually safe. They had been convertibles. They had been regular vehicles. Then that slowly morphed as much as the huge tanks that we’ve got at this time. It was an enormous success.

It was only a GIF. But that concept had been validated as a result of we had been what was probably the most upvoted, what was probably the most downvoted, what was ranked, what wasn’t ranked, and we noticed some concepts that we may take, one up, and polish. So we created this morphing presidential limo, and it did rather well.

It obtained protection in plenty of main information networks. ABC News picked it up. CBS talked about it. It even obtained posted to Reddit later and carried out rather well on Reddit. It was all as a result of we had been in a position to take these options, mine down, drill down, discover these good content material concepts, after which polish it and make it our personal. 

I am actually to listen to should you’ve tried this earlier than. Maybe you have seen some actually good concepts that you simply’d wish to check out on Reddit.

Do you have got like a favourite search perform that you simply use on Reddit? Do you wish to filter by the previous yr? Do you want a selected subreddit? Let me know down in the feedback. Good luck mining concepts. I do know it would work for you. Have a fantastic day.

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