New Data Shows How Much SEOs are Charging for Services in 2019

New Data Shows How Much SEOs are Charging for Services in 2019
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A research on digital advertising and marketing pricing exhibits how a lot search engine marketing consultants and companies are charging for their providers in 2019.

Credo revealed the findings of a pricing survey that was accomplished by 271 advertising and marketing companies and consultants.

The purpose of the survey was to find what the business common is for digital advertising and marketing providers, particularly throughout the US and UK.

The survey comprises questions like:

  • What’s the minimal you cost for a undertaking?
  • What is your common hourly fee?
  • How a lot do you cost for a month-to-month retainer?

Results of the survey are damaged down into chapters devoted to totally different areas of digital advertising and marketing.

In this text, I’ll summarize a number of the key takeaways particularly associated to search engine marketing companies and consultants.

search engine marketing company and advisor charges

Hourly Rates

In the US, a full 71% of search engine marketing companies cost between $101-$200 per hour, which is drastically greater than the worldwide common.

When taking a look at worldwide numbers, solely 22.75% of companies are charging between $101-$200 per hour.

Most search engine marketing companies (83%) worldwide cost beneath $200 per hour, with 30.98% charging $101-$150 per hour.

The common search engine marketing advisor hourly fee worldwide as of January 2019 is $148 per hour.

In the US, 75.42% of search engine marketing consultants cost between $101-$200 per hour.

Minimums for single initiatives

Almost half (49.59%) of respondents worldwide say they’d do a single undertaking for lower than $2,000.

That’s near 43% of US respondents who stated the identical.

On the upper finish, 20% of search engine marketing companies worldwide don’t take initiatives for lower than $5,000.

Worldwide, most search engine marketing consultants (29.89%) say they cost a minimal of $1,000-$1,999 or a single undertaking, which is nearly the identical as what most US respondents (31.91%) stated.

Minimum month-to-month retainer

Worldwide, most search engine marketing companies (25.81%) are charging a minimal month-to-month retainer of lower than $1,000.

search engine marketing consultants are charging a bit extra for month-to-month retainers, with 32.18% of worldwide respondents saying their minimal is between $1000-1,999.

In the US, most search engine marketing consultants (36.17%) say they cost a minimal of $1000-1,999 for a month-to-month retainer.

Only 6% of respondents require no minimal in any respect.

More Info

For much more information, see the whole survey outcomes from Credo.

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