The 14 Critical Podcast Statistics of 2019

Podcast statistics unveil quite a bit of truths about fashionable shopper conduct and the rise of audio as a content material advertising and marketing avenue.

My pals at Edison Research have launched their 2019 podcast statistics through a brand new examine known as The Podcast Consumer 2019. Conducted with Triton Digital, this complete report comprises a ton of podcast statistics that present development spikes in some instances, and continuation of tendencies that first appeared in 2015. To see how podcast statistics have modified, go to my prior recaps:

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2019 podcast statistics - The Podcast Consumer 2019This yr, I’ve pulled out 14 of essentially the most fascinating statistics about podcasting from The Podcast Consumer 2019 analysis. You’ll discover much more within the full report, which I strongly encourage you to obtain (no price).

This analysis was performed with 5,600+ Americans, ages 12 and up, and was balanced to be a consultant pattern of age, gender, location and ethnicity.

70% of Americans Have Heard of Podcasts

This is up from 64% in 2018 podcast statistics and represents 197 million Americans. In simply the previous 12 months, roughly 20 million Americans found what a podcast is.

51% of Americans (12 or older) Have Listened to a Podcast

This is the tipping level. When a majority of the nation is in favor of one thing, adoption often picks up velocity. Witness marijuana legalization, favored now by 62% of the nation.

Put a special manner, 144 million Americans have listened to a podcast (20 million greater than final yr). 144 million individuals is roughly the equal of the whole inhabitants of Canada, PLUS the whole populations of New Zealand, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Nicaragua, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, and Slovakia!

32% of Americans Listen to Podcasts Monthly

Up from 26% final yr, that is the largest one yr bounce in month-to-month podcast listening. Fully 90 million Americans hearken to podcasts not less than month-to-month, which is roughly the identical ratio as Americans who frequently go to church.

2019 podcast statistics - monthly podcast listeners


Nearly One-Quarter of Americans Listen to Podcasts Weekly

These 2019 podcast statistics present that 22% of Americans hear every week. This is an enormous bounce from 17% final yr, and represents 62 million Americans. It’s additionally the most important spike in weekly listenership ever recorded on this examine, which dates again to 2013.

For comparability functions, practically FOUR TIMES extra individuals hearken to podcasts each week than watched the Game of Thrones remaining season premiere.

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Men Are More Devoted Podcast Listeners

36% of American males (12 and older) hearken to podcasts month-to-month, versus 29% of females.

40% of Americans 54 or Younger Listen to Podcasts Monthly

Across a really massive age vary, the ratio of podcast listening is four out of each 10 individuals. It’s fascinating that this “share of ear” is so constant whether or not you’re 18, 29, or 50 years outdated. This is indicative of a extensively adopted shopper expertise: utilization turns into pervasive amongst younger individuals first, adopted by middle-aged Americans, after which lastly by older individuals. It’s the identical sample the Web itself witnessed, in addition to smartphone adoption, Facebook utilization, and others.

2019 podcast statistics - monthly listening by age group

40% of Americans 54 or Younger Listen to Podcasts Monthly

Podcast Listeners Are Much More Likely to Earn $75,000+ per Year

According to those podcast statistics, month-to-month listeners are a comparatively prosperous group. In the United States total, 29% of households earn $75,000 per yr or above. Among podcast listeners, it’s 41%.

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Habitual Fans Listen to 7 Podcasts Per Week

Among weekly podcast listeners, the typical quantity of podcasts listened to every week is 7. Note that 14% of weekly listeners put their ears on 11 or extra exhibits every week.

Podcast Consumers Listen to Podcasts More Than Any Other Type of Audio

Podcast listeners commit 28% of their audio consumption time to podcasts, on common, with 24% allotted to AM/FM radio, 15% to streamed audio, and 13% to their owned music.

Two-thirds of Podcast Consumers Most Often Listen on a Mobile Device

Through the years of these podcast statistics developed by Edison Research, this has been one of the largest shifts, as podcast just some years in the past had been primarily listened to on a pc. Now, most exhibits are digested on the go. Note, that podcast listening through “smart speaker” (Amazon Alexa, et al) is now as much as 10%, after barely registering simply two years in the past.

More Than Half of Podcast Consumers Have Multi-tasked While Listening

One of the nice drivers of podcast consumption development is that podcasts are the final word multi-tasking content material format. Ever attempt to mow your garden whereas studying a weblog submit? Or whereas watching a YouTube video? Doable possibly, however not advisable. Podcasts, nevertheless, you’ll be able to devour when you’re doing different stuff, making them excellent to suit into the identical time window as different life actions.

These 2019 podcast statistics present that multi-tasking is in full drive. 59% have listened whereas doing home tasks. 52% whereas driving. 51% whereas cooking. And 46% whereas going for a stroll.

And, much more to the purpose, the NUMBER ONE purpose individuals say they get pleasure from podcasts is as a result of “you can do other things while listening.”

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78% of Podcast Fans Listen to More Than Half the Shows They Download

Among podcast subscribers, a whopping 58% hearken to three-quarters or extra of all of the episodes they obtain through a podcast app. 20% of podcast customers hearken to half to three-quarters of what they obtain. Generally talking, if a podcast fan downloads a present, he or she listens to it. Incidentally, for this reason it’s so necessary to encourage listeners to subscribe to the podcast.

93% of Podcast Fans Listen to Most of an Episode

This is a surprising podcast statistic to me, and is sweet information for podcasters (like me). This analysis exhibits that 52% of listeners hear all the episode, and 41% hearken to most of the episode. This disproves the notion that almost all podcast followers hear to simply the primary couple of minutes of a specific episode.

Note, nevertheless, that share of podcast customers who hearken to episodes (not less than once in a while) at quick velocity went up from 19% to 26% between 2018 and 2019. So, they’re listening, however they might be listening at fast-forward speeds!

54% of Podcast Listeners Are More Likely to Consider Buying an Advertised Product

This can be excellent news for podcasting as an promoting/sponsorship alternative. In 2019, 17% of listeners say that listening to a couple of services or products on an episode makes them more likely to contemplate buying it, and an extra 37% point out they’re considerably extra possible to take action.

(If we may also help you promote your services or products through our community of podcasts right here at Convince & Convert, tell us.)

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2019 podcast statistics - intent to purchase


There are your 14 crucial podcast statistics for 2019. Definitely obtain all the report.

Also, a reminder that I co-host the favored weekly Social Pros podcast, which covers how medium and enormous companies deal with social media advertising and marketing. Convince & Convert additionally produces The Content Experience podcast, which covers superior content material advertising and marketing methods.




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