Video: Intro to customer data platforms and when to use them

We spoke to Fay Miller, Marketing Director at Fospha, concerning the worth of Customer Data Platforms and how they may help your advertising efforts. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) aren’t almost as sophisticated as they sound. In essence, they collect all of your customer data in a single place so you possibly can then combine it into your current advertising practices.

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When must you use a customer data platform?

You want to begin by understanding what your highest-value advertising actions are. From there, you possibly can concentrate on measuring these practices and in unlocking invaluable, insightful customer data to assist your advertising technique going ahead.

Fospha builds Customer Data Platforms to energy Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) and Marketing Mix Modelling. MTA helps you perceive each touchpoint concerned in a customer’s journey to conversion, and helps you weight every touchpoint accordingly.

This means you can actually focus your advertising efforts on what truly works – and perceive extra about what makes a customer go from being a browser to a purchaser.

From these invaluable insights, you possibly can start advertising combine modelling, the place you intend your advertising funds in accordance to which touchpoints — and channels — have the most effective return on funding.

Start with one drawback. How will you clear up it?

But how do you start this course of? According to Fay, you need to begin with an issue, or a query, and look to clear up it.

This could effectively find yourself prompting additional questions as you start to perceive extra and extra about your clients. However, don’t be discouraged – happening this journey will solely serve to bolster your advertising technique and additional your small business’s progress.

CDPs take the legwork out of leveraging the data that’s accessible to your group. Data evaluation is usually performed internally with the use of analysts — nevertheless, that is costly and time-consuming.

By utilizing Fospha’s answer, Direct Line Group managed to save the equal of 500 days of their analysts’ time.

Full transcript from this video

Forget Death Star-like constructions — Customer Data Platforms are all about taking your customer data and placing it in a single place so it’s unified. And then integrating it with the enterprise programs you have already got and the advertising applied sciences that you simply work with.

The worth for you and your small business is within the insights that might be created from the data that’s inside your small business. We need to unlock these insights to make them invaluable for you.

When you look to the market and you have a look at Customer Data Platforms, it could possibly get tremendous complicated. Some of them appear like they’re an enormous infrastructure promote and you wrestle to perceive the way it relates to advertising.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s truly actually easy.

It’s all about beginning with measurement.

What are the best worth actions that you simply run in advertising and media for your small business?

What’s crucial?

What’s going to have probably the most affect for you?

We construct Customer Data Platforms to energy multi-touch attribution and advertising combine modelling.

Multi-touch attribution helps you perceive each touchpoint within the path to conversion. And advertising combine modelling helps you mannequin budgets and perceive the place they’re going to have probably the most affect throughout completely different channels. So it’s a extremely helpful and actionable software for you.

It’s all about unlocking the data to clear up enterprise issues you’ve inside advertising or within the enterprise extra broadly.

What we have a tendency to discover occurs is that purchasers have an preliminary scope of labor. They need to clear up an issue, and then they ask questions. And in reply to these questions, we have a look at extra data, both from inside their enterprise or externally from the market (it is perhaps climate, for instance). And that makes them ask extra questions and so the scope expands.

But the scope expands organically. Because there are questions to be answered and a enterprise case has been created, and worth and affect has been delivered to the companies that we work with.

One consumer, Direct Line Group, saved 500 days of their analysts’ time.

The recommendation I might give to you is search for flexibility, look to clear up an issue, and bear in mind your targets and what issues you need to clear up.

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