Why Marketer’s Need to Care About Blockchain

Everyone has that one member of the family that invested in Bitcoin (or one other cryptocurrency) – with out realizing something about it.

For my household, that particular person was my brother.

Before he invested in Bitcoin, he most likely ought to have include me to Joel Comm and Travis Wright’s Social Media Marketing World session on blockchain and cryptocurrency. That method he would perceive the true worth and potential of this new know-how, as an alternative of simply blindly leaping on a scorching funding pattern.

One factor’s for positive after listening to from Joel and Travis – blockchain and cryptocurrency will revolutionize a lot of the world at present, together with advertising. Read on to be taught why that’s.

The World Is Ripe for Disruption

“Everything changes, nothing stays the same,” Joel mentioned, utilizing examples of disruption to show his assertion.

Since the 1950s, we’ve gone from laptop mainframes that had been the scale of complete rooms to the Internet of Things. We’ve gone from Blockbuster to Netflix. Nokia to iPhone. Barnes & Noble to Amazon.

Now, we’re going from government-backed, printed cash to cryptocurrency. It’s the following large disruption.

The Value of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Before we will perceive blockchain and why we want to care about it, we first want to perceive what it’s and why it’s such an enormous deal.

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin

Your cash used to be price its weight in gold. With the gold customary, our American had been backed by the amount of gold we had in our federal reserves. But that’s now not the case. Our cash is now backed by the federal government, making a fiat foreign money (authorized tender whose worth is backed by the federal government that issued it). And with the federal government printing an increasing number of cash, the greenback has been devalued considerably over the past century.

Cryptocurrency, then again, has a restricted provide and is decentralized. For Bitcoin particularly, there are solely 21 million of them in existence. And there’ll by no means be any extra. Bitcoin homeowners don’t have to fear in regards to the worth of their cash reducing as a result of extra are produced.

Bitcoin may also revolutionize funds. There aren’t any extra switch charges as a result of your wire has to undergo a number of completely different banks. Instead, it’s pier-to-pier (P2P) and instantaneous.


Here’s the place the true worth of cryptocurrency is seen. The blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, public ledger that data every transaction. This ledger can’t be edited or altered – it’s immutable.

As Travis so eloquently put it, “You can’t cook the books with blockchain.”

Blockchain is sincere and clear. Two qualities that aren’t typically related to finance.

“Blockchain is the single most disruptive technology in our lifetime,” Joel added.

Why Marketer’s Need to Care

For me, the aha second throughout Joel and Travis’ session got here when Travis mentioned, “Blockchain is just a database you can trust. Without question.”

With all the controversy surrounding knowledge utilization, administration, and privateness at present, this is the reason marketer’s want to care. Any enterprise that might profit from credible, reliable, unhackable knowledge needs to be wanting into leveraging blockchain know-how.

In addition, our large web giants (i.e. Facebook, Google, Amazon) are all wanting into creating their very own blockchains and entrepreneurs want to take observe as it’d affect your promoting, attain, or engagement on these platforms.

Disruption Is Coming

We’re in enterprise to generate income. The affect of cryptocurrency is coming and can span economies, markets, industries, companies, and our wallets. To adapt, entrepreneurs want to take an in depth take a look at blockchain know-how and see the place it may possibly add worth to their enterprise, methods, or merchandise.

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